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Tree & Shrub Pruning Services in CT

Are you looking into more than one kind of tree service in Oxford, CT or somewhere near that area? Tree and shrub pruning is both an art and a science dictated by both select tree species and the individual goals of a particular client. Why arborists prune trees can have many diverging objectives. And while assessing a property, it is our intent to key into those all-important final goals. Young trees have a greater tolerance toward pruning practices, and they often require shorter frequencies between pruning cycles. Where a mature tree may be pruned once every 20 years, a 5-10 year-old tree may see multiple prunings in that same cycle.

Arborists follow a set of industry-accepted standards called (ANSI A300) that allow formal specifications across a wide spectrum of geographic locations and species. Some of the intrinsic goals to proper pruning of shade trees, for example, are:

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Each property we visit has a unique set of needs where pruning trees and shrubs are concerned, and only an onsite visit will allow our arborist to assess all aspects of tree health.

One wrong pruning cut can be doom for a tree! This is true! Trees do not heal. They compartmentalize wounds and grow new tissue over defects, scars, tears, or pockets of decay. When poorly pruned trees, whether by homeowners or landscapers, are allowed to continue, the individual tree may not have the energy resources to close wounds due to the rapid depletion of stored energy. In return, it is often the case that unintentional pruning cuts perpetrate tree death. Connecticut Licensed Arborists are often well trained to prune your trees in a manner that neither causes wounds nor exacerbates tree health challenges. In our industry, it is far more acceptable to remove too little than to remove too much.

The worst culprit to exacerbating tree health problems is the epidemic across the country of’ tree topping. Tree topping is the indiscriminate removal of a portion of the crown with no acceptable lateral branch to prune back. Topping starves the tree of badly needed resources, increases sunscald and frost cracks, and induces the growth of weakly attached epicormic sprouts along the points of removal that often fail during the most unpredictable times. Don’t let this happen to your trees. By law in the State of Connecticut, anyone who practices arboriculture MUST possess a current arborist license. By hiring professionals, you are already on the right path toward preserving tree health and integrity. We can help develop a suitable pruning schedule that will adhere to proper standards and keep your trees safe in stormy weather.

It is often the case that tree pruning can be dangerous. Ladders are not the greatest tool for safe pruning practices. And arborists use a whole host of safety gear while entering a canopy. We are trained on the proper use of ropes, first aid, and power tools. Our crews work side by side with voice-activated headsets that allow for close communication among both ground personnel and arborists in general. And among our ability to climb trees to complete pruning projects, we are also equipped with sophisticated, modern track lifts which enable our crew to fit through even the tightest spots.

No job is too small or too large. And we always follow industry-accepted safety standards. Our objective is to keep your trees healthy, our crew safe, and your property spotless.

Family-owned and operated for over 40 years, Southbury Tree Service has the right tools and breadth, and depth of knowledge to provide the best solution for your trees. Call us today at (203) 264-9937 to set up a consultation with a certified arborist! In addition to Oxford, we also provide our tree service in Roxbury, CT and that general neighborhood.

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