Tree Care & Tree Removal Services in CT

Promoting Healthy Trees Through Professional Care

Southbury Tree Service was founded in 1980 and has almost forty years of experience. Our licensed arborists know trees. Our goal is to help you maintain beautiful and healthy trees and, if possible, seek to preserve trees rather than their takedown.

As for our family of Arborists, there is no doubt that the apple did not fall far from the tree. We grew up in the world of tree care. My uncle, Bud Neal, has been in the tree service business for over 57 years. From carrying saws in and out of the woods to learning the ropes, you might say that tree sap runs through our veins. Now, as we enter 2022, it is even more important to possess real-world integrity with modern techniques. We are staffed by two (2) Licensed Arborists, have over a million dollars in high-tech machinery, and very capable employees who care deeply about your property and trust from hundreds of past and present clients.

Let our Licensed Arborists evaluate your property and create healthy landscapes for years to come!


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