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Land Clearing & Excavation

My father always taught me, never use a small hammer to secure a fence post and never use a sledge hammer to put up sheetrock. There is simply no substitute for the correct piece of machinery for the job at hand. 

As with every other industry, the worlds of arboriculture and forestry have been reinvented by the use of sophisticated technology. It has always been our goal to have a smaller footprint on your property. And, the only way to accomplish this goal is to foster and utilize specialized equipment that allows us to complete the job cleaner, safer and more effectively.

One great example is the recent acquisition of our large excavator that harnesses the power and might you would expect with lower ground pressure. This machine comes equipped with a Fecon Mower Head that eliminates and mulches down shrubs and trees like multiflora rose, honeysuckle, and vines. What we can accomplish with this machine in one hour would take a standard tree crew a whole week. Perfect for large and small woodlot management and forestry jobs. It is a unique service that is truly hard to believe until you see it in action. In addition, another powerful attachment to this machine is our tree shear. this allows our operator to grab onto the base of trees both large and small, completely shear the tree off, pick it up in the air and remove without residual damage to other trees or delicate ecological niches.

Large Excavator
Large Excavator

Southbury Tree Service Land Clearing

Using the latest equipment to transform a homeowner's property

Post-Clearing, Preparing for Seeding

This homeowner will have a beautiful lawn after Southbury Tree Service completes the seeding and mulching.

Land Clearing in Southbury

Using a crane to lift cut trees away from property.  Gets the job done much faster.