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Air Spading

Save a Tree

Air spading is a unique service developed to excavate root systems and basal areas of trees without residual damage to non-target soil profiles. It improves your tree's root health. The radius by which we excavate is determined by the extent of soil bulk density, depth of tree planted, and extent of contract scope.  Why do we offer this service?

When an arborist visits the property many homeowners believe we only look up. But a good arborist always looks down first. 90% of all tree problems always originate under the soil: trunk rot, physical injury, vascular diseases, girdling roots, circling roots, and impacted root systems can only be viewed by stripping away organic material.  We do this using a sophisticated tool that addresses the needs of the project at hand and protecting the surrounding structures. Compressed air is used to gently blow away soil where we may access and remove affected root systems. Your trees are extremely valuable and it is often the enemy we cannot see that is most dangerous. Without fixing problems underground, trees will often decline rapidly. 


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Airspading: Can make the difference between saving or losing a tree!

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Air Spading

Using Airspading to expose the tree's roots will allow the removal of the damaged or problematic roots to ultimately save the tree.